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Live Natural created a loyalty program in July of 2019 designed to reward customers for their consistent purchases of herbal erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness solutions. When a customer purchases up to twelve boxes of Alpha-Omega7, Virility Candy or Eve's Alpha8 in any single year he or she is rewarded with a free twelve capsule box or bottle, shipping paid by Live Natural.

Live Natural customers, (you) are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty program after purchase checkout in our store. You will receive a thank you loyalty card with order.

 No one outside of Live Natural, the company, will have access or see your information during enrollment in our Loyalty program. To receive your Loyalty reward, you (customer), must monitor annual purchase product count using your Loyalty card and request loyalty reward. If you do not receive loyalty card with purchase, you may request one by email or phone.

2021 Loyalty List 

Customers who purchased twelve or more boxes of Alpha-Omega7, Virility Candy or Eve's Alpha8 in 2021 and monitored their loyalty card.

Rafael M.

Tony S.

Kenneth J.

David J.

Norm F.
Live Natural understands the last few years has been tough on budgets and survival for many. We thank you for your patronage, trust and faith in our products.
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